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Ordering from StockX: Is it worth it?

StockX is one of the most talked about sneaker platforms in the market. I often get a ton of questions from you guys about how StockX works if you live outside of the US. I'll be honest, it was quite confusing to me before as well. What are bids and asks? Should I buy it now? Will any customs be charged? If so, how much are customs for India?

Similar to every stock market, it is a 'live marketplace', a genuine Bid/Ask market where a potential buyer could post their offer for a specific sneaker, or bid, on the website and anyone looking to sell that sneaker can either sell them instantly at the highest bid or post a higher ‘ask’. Buyers place bids, sellers place asks, and a transaction occurs when a bid and an ask match.

If it's still quite blurry to you, let me try to answer your questions with an example.

I recently bought the Nike SB Dunk Low 'Parra' from StockX. I was looking for the pair for quite a long time now, and since I wasn't able to find it here in India, I decided to go with StockX for this pair.

I used to get my StockX purchases shipped to an address in France to avoid customs, but I changed it to my address in India for a change this time to see how it goes.

Let me break down my bill for you guys.

Purchase Price (my bid got accepted at 345 euros) - $410

Import Duties (shipped to Bangalore, India) -$143 (roughly 35% of $410)

Processing Fees - $7 (StockX fees)

Shipping - $20 (depends on the size of the box - I had a regular Dunk box)

Grand Total - $580

Ultimately, I payed $580 for a sneaker which was sold for $410. If I were living in the US, or shipped it to France like usual, my total would be more around $470-$520, depending on the location. The important component was the 35% import duties which are primarily customs, which ate up a hefty percentage of the additional fees. However, my experience was quite hassle free, as I never got a call from a shipping company or the customs office. The sneaker was delivered to me within 12 days.

Now the question is, is it worth it?

Yes, but only if you're sneaker is priced under 26,000 Rs or $350. There are two reasons behind this conclusion. The first is that custom charges increase linearly after a certain price, which is usually around $300. Second, low value products pass under the customs radar. I trust StockX, but I wouldn't put any trust with the Indian customs office, as I have had some dreadful experiences with them. They once held my Off White Dunk Low for 3 weeks and called it "customs issues."

Everyone will have different experiences with StockX, so feel free to share your StockX experiences down below!

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