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Akshat Kaushik,

Founder and CEO

Bangalore, India

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My Story

My sneaker journey started in the 9th grade, when I attended the 2018 SneakerCon LA. My experience was unlike anything else. If you're interested in sneakers, I heavily encourage you to attend a sneaker event like that because it gives you a chance to connect with strangers who share your interests and also immerse yourself into the sneaker community. The meaning of entrepreneurship lied right inside that convention centre, with hundreds of individuals of all ages, buying, selling, and trading shoes, running around from stall to stall with cash in their hands. It was an eye opening experience for me, and that was when I knew I wanted to start my own sneaker business. 

When I moved to India in 2017, I was inspired by the amazing sneaker community here in India. We combine the best of our Indian culture and the best of the American culture to foster an amazing community. I started Deadstock Drip as a way to provide Jordans and Yeezys to sneakerheads in my community, but over the year, as I got more and more queries, built a larger customer base that stretched throughout India, Deadstock Drip turned into a global sneaker marketplace. Sneakers allowed me to gain insight to many business and economic concepts while also giving me a chance to connect with fellow resellers and sneakerheads across the nation along with multiple actors, singers, and comedians such as Vijay Varma, Mihir Joshi, and Sonu Nigam. I'm thankful for the relationship I have built with you all, and I hope to keep advancing the sneaker culture here in India, and keep your eye out for India's first ever SneakerCon!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to connect and work with sneakerheads and grow the sneaker culture! Let's connect.


Snehith Vemuri

Chief Financial Officer

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"Incidentally, my involvement with Deadstock Drip got me interested in the sneaker world, rather than the other way around. I joined the company in 2020 to find a practical outlet for my finance skills, and through my experience, I've grown to appreciate the impact sneaker culture has on the lives of our customers.

In my free time, I love all things sports: be it playing, watching, reading, or writing about them. In particular, I am an avid supporter of the Minnesota Vikings and Tottenham hotspur"


Some of Deadstock Drip's reputable customers!

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Sankalp Chaudhary

Chief Supply Chain Officer

'Supply chain' and the 'Sneaker market' , two things that have never failed to fascinate me since my childhood and I got the opportunity to pursue my passion by linking both through Deadstock Drip since March 2021.

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